Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Join Me in Saying NO MORE

Yesterday  I spoke about a new symbol, NO MORE, that has been created to:

2) give each of us an opportunity to voice why we are passionate about these issues.

No one- no woman, no man, no child – should live in fear at home or be sexually violated. The NO MORE symbol challenges us to work together until we reach the goal that sexual abuse and domestic violence are NO MORE.

I’ve joined with thousands (soon to be millions) of others who share this vision. Won’t you join us? It really only takes a moment to add your photo to the galleryand tell the world why you care about these issues.

Log onto the site to see the photos of people just like you who share this vision. You’ll be inspired by their words and their passion.

Take a minute to become part of a movement that will transform our world.

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