Wednesday, November 28, 2012

An Idea Worth Talking About

I love holidays but think sometimes the holiday frenzy takes over. Between media messages and our own consumer peer pressures, it's easy to forget the reason for the season. This year the turkey and stuffing were barely back in the fridge when the malls opened up on Thursday night… shortly followed by Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Linus tried to remind Charlie Brown and the rest of us about the true spirit of Christmas... but I think we missed the message. While the image of his blanket around the tree is iconic... somehow even it became commercialized.  In fact, you can buy a replica of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree at a variety of retail stores (prices range from $15.74-$49.95- Good Grief!) But today I heard about a new movement that's interesting.

#Giving Tuesday encourages people to give to charitable organizations, but giving isn't just about writing a check... it's about telling people why you're passionate about a cause. # Giving Tuesday encourages people to give to select charities using social media. That's where this movement loses me... not because it's a bad idea... only because I'm a social media dinosaur. But I like the idea of giving, telling others about what's important to you... and learning about the good works others are doing. I’m inspired when friends tell me what they care about.

So today … or  someday soon… think about what you're passionate about, think of how you can help… and share that story with someone you know (or with all of  your Facebook Friends list if you’re more social media savvy than me.)  

Today I’m donating to three organizations;

Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Services of SaratogaCounty because I truly believe that we can END abuse if we all work together.

The Boy Scouts because this great program provided my sons with experiences that built confidence, leadership, and a commitment to community service… along with inspirational male role models who generously (and with infinite patience) gave their time and talents to nurture these young men, and

Care Links in memory of my mom who gave to help seniors every holiday season. Her favorite charity has since disbanded, but there are lots of seniors in need. CARE Links helps seniors live independently, in the homes where they've made a lifetime of memories. 

So what are you passionate about? I'd love to hear.
Wishing you joy and peace!