Sunday, October 23, 2016

Your gift could win Wellspring $20,000

The leaderboard as of noon on Sunday

Help Wellspring win a $20,000 bonus in Allstate’s Purple Purse Challenge                      

 With only hours left in a month-long national fundraising challenge, Wellspring, has a tenuous hold on the 5th place slot. With your support the agency could capture 4th place and win a $20,000 bonus in Allstate’s Purple Purse Challenge. The Challenge continues through October 25, with the 5 top teams vying for grand prize cash donations totaling $325,000 from The Allstate Foundation.   Currently, Wellspring sits about $3,000 out of 4th place, which would earn them a $20,000 bonus.

I truly believe we can succeed in winning the Allstate bonus. In the week 1 challenge, Wellspring captured 4th place in the national competition earning that week’s $10,000 bonus. This incredible support reaffirms just how deeply people care about our work and support our vision of a community free of relationship and sexual abuse.

To help Wellspring’s Purple Purse Campaign, make an on-line donation before the Challenge ends at 1:59 p.m. on Tuesday. To donate, go to http://www.wellspringcares.org/give. You’ll be immediately redirected to the Purple Purse giving page.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Advocates Saved My Mother's Life

People are often surprised when I speak about the prevalence of domestic violence in Saratoga County. It 's the #2 violent crime in Saratoga County, the primary reason for family homelessness, and the #1 cause of homicide. But most domestic violence victims aren't even included in those statistics.

Many never contact the police, never call a hotline, maybe never even tell a close friend or family member about how their partner is treating them. Why not? Stigma? Shame? Disbelief? Fear that if they seek help the abuse will get worse? Desire to protect family members? Afraid they won't be believed? Hope that the abuse won't happen again... after all their partner has apologized and promised it won't? Not recognizing that emotional abuse, financial control or social isolation are also forms of domestic violence... even when there's not physical abuse? All these reasons... and more.

In any room when I'm speaking to a group, I know that there's someone, probably many people, who are or were abuse by a partner...or who have someone in their lives who was victimized. But  what I also know is that with assistance lives can change and abuse becomes a part of the past. I know this, because people come to me and tell me so, 
It's Domestic Violence Awareness  Month so this week I've been talking to a lot of groups. Let me tell some comments I've heard this week:

  • "You were talking about how financial control can keep someone trapped in an abusive relationship. That was me. I was afraid if I left my abuser would get custody of the kids because he had all the money. Wellspring helped me so much, and I was able to leave...thank you."
  • "When my son went to college a girl he'd dated a few times started stalking him and doing really scary things. My wife and I didn't know what to do; we'd never prepared him for this--we'd never even considered this could happen to a son. A friend said to call Wellspring. I thought, "Don't they just help battered women? I was so wrong.'  You helped us create a safety plan, get an order of protection, and the abuse stopped. I worry how bad it would have gotten without your help."
  • "Take a picture  with the advocates.
    Advocates saved my mother's life."
  • Taking photos with the speaker at the cell phone collection event I mentioned in yesterday's blog post one of the photographers said, "Let's get a picture with the advocates. Advocates saved my mother's life."
Each of those comments took less than 60 seconds... but they're the reason Wellspring advocates do this work every day. 

Here's something you can do that takes less than 60 seconds... and it will help Wellspring provide even more survivor services, and more prevention programs so we can hear more stories like there. Got 60 seconds?

Donate to Wellspring today and help us win a $20,000 bonus  In Allstate's Purple Purse Challenge. It easy click here to donate right now. You'll be directed to our Purple Purse donation page. The top 5 agencies in the Challenge receive  between $15,000 and $100,000  bonus next Tuesday . The competition is really intense (want to see how intense, check out the leaderboard here). Help us reach our goal so we can end domestic violence!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Can You See the End?

October is  Domestic Violence Awareness Month and I’ve been doing a lot of speaking to community groups this week. Yesterday as I was speaking to a group I suddenly had a profound realization; let me take you back to how it came about.

Sergeant Ray Cordani of the Stillwater Police Department is passionately committed to helping victims of domestic violence. Each year he organizes a cell phone collection to provide 911 phones to victims of domestic violence. Local Businesses like DeCrescente Distributing have championed the collection since 2003. In its first year 3 phones were collected… now more than 4,300 phones have been distributed to domestic violence victims to provide a lifeline to safety. 

Annually Sergeant Cordani organizes a press conference to recognize the program and to raise awareness of the need. Yesterday I had the pleasure of listening to a number of community leaders passionately articulate their profound commitment to this issue:

 Senator Kathy Marchione who committed to championing policies and funding protect victims and provide support services.

Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner who supports women’s issues, especially educational opportunities that promote gender equality in education and employment

Assemblyman Jim Tedisco who is a voice  for laws to  protect our most vulnerable family members- our pets. He understands too well the intersection of animal abuse and domestic violence, and Congressman

Paul Tonko who rallies for  employment issues affecting women, “Congress must step up to the plate and support our mothers, sisters, and daughters.”

Sergeant Cordani noted the Stillwater Police department responds to at least one, but sometimes two or more, domestic incidents every night,  "Unfortunately, domestic violence incidents are not going down." A glance toward Sheriff Mike Zurlo confirmed that this is true throughout the county.

District  Attorney  Karen Heggen has two attorneys dedicated full time to prosecuting so domestic violence crimes… yes it’s that prevalent.

Such inspiring speakers. What a depth of knowledge, compassion and dedication! 

And so it was then my turn to speak.  Walking  up to the podium  I truthfully wasn’t sure  what I was going to say. It’s not easy following a lineup like that.What more can you say?

Well I looked at Sergeant Cordani,we met back in 2003 when we first did this cell phone collection, and wondered aloud, "How many times has he responded to a domestic incident?" Then at Sheriff Zurlo who has been a law enforcement officer for more than 30 years; how many victims has he assisted? And District Attorney Heggen, how many domestic violence crimes has her office prosecuted?.Wellspring’s hotline alone answers 1,400 calls each year… and we’ve been doing this work for more than 35 years. Looking at my colleagues who do this work every day, I commented it would be understandable if we were tired, frustrated or disheartened seeing so many victims year after year. But not one of us showed any signs of resignation. In fact, strength and determination shone in our eyes. And standing at that podium I had a realization. Since I joined Wellspring 14 years ago, I’ve always had a vision that our agency could do more than help survivors… we could end domestic violence. For quite a while people questioned if that was a realistic goal. Actually that's now Wellspring's mission statement. Standing there I realized I truly feel that I'm not the  only one who sees that as our goal ...and we’re nearing that finish line. It’s no longer police offers, prosecutors and advocates that are doing this work. People throughout our community are joining us in that vision. Whether we’re watching a football game, visiting a college campus, donating to a workplace cell phone collection, or eating dinner with your kids, we’re all noticing, and talking about domestic violence. It’s moving out of the shadows and we’re all becoming part of a social change. So like Pandora’s Box, when hope is released good prevails. Together we can end domestic violence.

Feeling inspired? Here’s something you can do right now to help:
Help Wellspring win  $20,000 on October 25th
Wellspring, is close to winning $20,000 in the Purple Purse Challenge! Can you help them reach this milestone and support their clients and our community?  It takes just seconds.
Want to do more? Share the link with your friends and ask them  to be part of our vision of ending domestic violence.

Curious about Wellspring's standing in the Challenge?
View the leaderboard here


Friday, October 14, 2016

We Won $10,000 ... Because of YOU!


I wanted to update all those who donated to Wellspring for the Purple Purse Challenge that, because of you and about 200 individuals, businesses and organizations that donated, Wellspring won the $10,000 bonus offered by Allstate during the first week of the Challenge. 
That's right $10,000 from Allstate to support Wellspring's work in your community!

I was absolutely moved as our businesses and local individuals showed how much they care and want to be part of our vision to end relationship and sexual  abuse.

The Challenge isn't over yet! It continues until 1:59 pm on October 25th... and there are even bigger bonuses for top  performing organizations...from $15,000 to $100,000  bonus money  for the top  5 agencies at the need of the Challenge.
Here's how some folks are helping:
  • One local business invited our staff to speak during their lunch period and the company and employees were so committed to our vision of ending abuse that not only did  the company make a contribution, but many employees made personal contributions.
  • Another organization is having a casual dress Friday for employees who donate to the Challenge.
  • A local business is offering a percentage of sales one day toward the Challenge, and
  • Many people are sharing the message on their facebook pages and inviting others to take action against relationship and sexual abuse... and help bring more funds to our community to support survivor services and prevention programs.
  • To donate to Wellspring's Purple Purse Challenge, simply click on wellspringcares.org/give and you'll be directed  to  our Purple Purse giving page. It only takes a minute to make a help us advance  toward our goal of ending relationship and sexual abuse. Together we can do this!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Thoughtful Look at Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Several  times a year I have the pleasure of having a thoughtful conversation on air with Jesse Jackson III, the president and creative director of Look TV. What I love about these chats, is that Jesse doesn't just ask questions, he thinks about the issue and the intersections domestic violence has with other topics he covers in our community. I see our interactions as not an interview, but a dialogue that becomes deeper and richer each time we speak--as you can clearly see from the very poignant quote he opened with...
Click here to watch today's conversation.

Friday, October 7, 2016

How to you do Purple?

It's Domestic Violence Awareness Month and, as always many folks are sporting purple to raise awareness. Some folks get up in the morning and choose a purple  scarf or earrings. But if you're looking to make a month-long commitment, our friends at Canvas Hair Salon on Front Street in Ballston Spa are  offering this shade of purple, supporting Domestic Violence Awareness for the month of October. $10 per strand, part of the proceeds will go to Wellspring in Saratoga.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Eat, Drink, Be Merry ... and support Wellspring

It's Domestic Violence Awareness Month and NaNola Restaurant hosting  a benefit for Wellspring. Enjoy mouth- watering treats, live entertainment by Sara Donnellan, and help bring us one step closer to Wellspring's vision of ending relationship and sexual abuse in our community.

NaNola is located at 2639   Route 9Malta, NY