Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Parent tips - keeping concerts about the music

Today’s blog is a follow up to yesterday blog about rock concerts and how to SPAC works with the local communities to minimize “out of control situations” that have caused problems in other areas at concerts.
So your kids have tickets to a rock concert. You know they're fans of the band and will love the music, but you want to make sure they're safe. Here are some simple strategies for ensuring the concert is about the music... not an out of control party:
·         Know what concert they are attending.
·         Make sure they do indeed have a ticket (hanging around in the park instead of at the concert can increase the probability of drinking, drugs and other risky behaviors).
·         Know what time the concert starts. If you are dropping them off don’t drop them off more than an hour before the concert starts.
·         Know who they are going with.
·         If you have any concerns consider attending the concert with them.
·         Make sure they have a cell phone so they can contact you (but be aware that the reception can be spotty at SPAC).
·         Talk with them about drug and alcohol use before the concert.
·         Know how they are getting home… many times a planned ride falls through and teens are left at the end of the concert without a ride or walking in the dark.

Now relax and recall how much you enjoyed going to concerts with your friends
when you were their age.

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