Saturday, January 8, 2011

What's a Soroptimist?

I'm member of Soroptimist and I've had many people ask me, “What is Soroptimist? “and “Why are you member?” So here's very brief overview of Soroptimist.

Soroptimist is an international organization for business and professional women who work to improve the lives of women and girls, in local communities and throughout the world. They are committed to:
  • the belief that all women deserve to lead full and productive lives
  • women helping women
  • international diversity and fellowship
Almost 95,000 Soroptimists in about 120 countries and territories contribute time and financial support to community–based and international projects that benefit women and girls.

Investing in women and girls in our community
The Saratoga County chapter, with about 50 members, gives over $10,000 each year to help local organizations improve the lives of women and girls. That's money to help breast cancer survivors, to help homeless women start over, to console hospitalized children, and to help local girls become, physically fit, and build self-esteem and leadership skills. Soroptimists also provide financial support and a volunteer commitment of over 150 hours each year to help domestic violence victims break free from abusive relationships and achieve financial independence. And they've given thousands of dollars each year to: assist female heads of household to improve their family's quality of life, to recognize teenage girls engaged in volunteer action, and to honor women who work to improve the lives of women and girls.

Helping women and girls across the globe
That's a lot of local effort... but their impact extends far beyond Saratoga County. In just the past two years, our local chapter has:
  • providing education and improved living conditions to girls in Eastern European Republic of the Moldova, to prevent them from becoming victims of sex trafficking
  • supported clean water projects in third world countries
  • provided medical care for girls whose lives were ruined due to fistulas
  • sent seeds to war ravaged countries to provide food, income and healing
  • helped girls in Sierra Leone, West Africa go to school.
The name, Soroptimist, means "best for women," and that's what the organization strives to achieve. Soroptimists are women at their best, working to help other women to be their best.

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