Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Can a quarter and a nickel really make a difference in a child’s life?

Last week, four days of early morning meetings combined with late night work obligations rendered this typically decaf tea gal in need of stopping at Stewart’s en route to work for a large caffeinated coffee. Without a boost I doubted there was any chance of me making it through the workday. At the counter there was a container to drop off my change to help local kids all year long.
We all think about how to help those in need at the holidays, but when I think about the scope of need throughout the year-- kids without food… or warm clothes… homeless families… kids with mental and physical disabilities… teens with eating disorders or addictions… runaways who don’t know where to turn for help-- I feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of need. Can the little bit I give really make any difference?
Since 1986, Stewart’s Shops has shown us that yes a little bit from each of us adds up to a big impact. The Holiday Match program has contributed over $13.5 million dollars to help kids in our communities. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Stewart’s matches individual contributions dollar for dollar and gives 100% of the money to local organizations helping children. Last year Stewart’s, with the help of their media partners and customers, donated $1.26 million. In Saratoga County alone, 125 organizations received donations to support their children’s programs.
So yes, my quarter and nickel can absolutely help and I enthusiastically dropped them into the container (along with an extra dollar in my pocket). And looking at my schedule in the next couple of weeks I may just need coffee every morning… and what a great way to start each day, helping others a couple of coins at a time. Please stop in to Stewart’s today for a fill up, whether it’s coffee, gasoline, eggnog or milk and bread is up to you… we’ve got 10 days left to  fill up that countertop collection container!               

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